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Whitening Anti-Blemishes

Ref: PUR01030
Size: 30 ml

Whitening Facial Extract. Depigmentation Solution with jellied texture. Restores to the skin the desired clarity and radiance.

Whitening Facial Extract

Whitening Facial Extract


Skin Whitening Extract. A gel solution that gives back the desired clarity and luminosity to your skin. Its main active ingredient is the extract from the flower of the Bellis Perennis, whose name means perennial and long-lasting beauty.

It acts as a depigmenter on several levels of the melanogenesis regulation process. It contains saponins, poliphenols and polysaccharides. Due to its content in in poliphenols, it possesses a direct inhibiting effect of the tyrosines' activity that is superior to that of arbutin.

The ‘in vivo’ studies showed that applying it twice a day produced an increase in the luminosity of the skin of at least 35 % and the effect was constantly maintained for 28 days.


Apply on face twice a day after cleansing and toning the skin.

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