Beauty Crazy

Biological Ampoules

Ref: BEA00010
Size: 10 unids. x 2 ml + Gift Pencil

Moisturizing & Tightening Ampoules. This is a tightening and moisturizing ampoule formulated specially for make-up to be applied on top, leaving it perfect and natural all day.

Moisturizing Tightening Ampoules

Moisturizing and Tightening Ampoules


Ampoules for improving the application of make-up, with hydro tensing effect. It moisturizes and firms the skin and it is formulated especially for applying make-up on top of it, leaving the make-up perfect and natural all day. Instant effect. Gives make-up natural light.


Apply the Beauty Crazy Ampoule with a soft massage over perfectly clean face and neck. Leave to dry and apply make-up. For dry and dehydrated skin, apply Tensine H20 around the eyes and lips before applying the Beauty Crazy Ampoule. It is ideal for videos, photos, brides and any special occasion. A perfect face.

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