Biological Ampoules

Ref: SEN00000
Size: 5 ml

Concentrated Emulsion for Sensitive Skin. This concentrated emulsion for sensitive and couperose skin has main components that act as decongestives, vasoconstrictors, anti-inflammatories, moisturizers and antiseptics.

Sensitive Skin Emulsion

Concentrated Emulsion for Sensitive Skin


The main components of this product act as decongestants, vasoconstrictors, anti-inflammatories, moisturizers and antiseptics, making it indispensable for all treatments where these types of actions are required.

We also advise the use of Serenity on skin that has been or will be subjected to harsh treatments such as: whitening treatments, glycolic acid, hair removing treatments.


Apply this biologic concentrate with soft massaging movements on face and neck where the skin is sensitive, irritated, sensitive to the temperature changes and with tendency to couperose.

In the beauty centre it can be ionized by negative pole.

Note: If a fridge is available, keep the product cold in order to optimize its properties.

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