Kit Seduction

Sensory Cosmetics

Ref: SED00030
Size: 30 ml

It is a powerful cellular regenerator, giving the skin a smooth, marvelously beautiful, soft and young look, while at the same time balancing the feminine energy, devoloping the power of seduction and opening the way for the most profound pleasure. Gift Lipstick Singulier and Duo Máscara de Pestañas + Eye Liner.

Seduction Kit

The power of seduction and the most profound pleasure


This natural beautifier is prepared for acting on the skin at a cosmetic level, while at the same time releasing the potential of the female essence and her internal harmony, stimulating at a dual level the olfactory / sensory and neuronal senses, with its seductory effect and intense fragrances, exotic flowers and citrus provoking the awakening of a world of sensations developing the capacity to feel and love completely.

A potent cell regenerator, it leaves the skin firm and fabulous, soft and young whilst balancing feminine energy, developing the power of seduction and opening the way to a deeper pleasure.

Irresistible attraction. With Seduction, the natural function of the pheromones is activated intensifying sexual attraction. Seduction creates an aura of youth and vitality with a very attractive result, calling attention to men.


How: Apply this very special body oil daily with a smooth circular massage action in the following zones: Behind the ear lobe, on the wrists, on the bust and the lower abdomen.

When: Morning and night alter a shower or bath, with the skin clean and slightly damp.

How long: Apply regularly, especially when you wish to increase your feminine potential and feel more attractive. You can also use it as a treatment or sporadically for a flash of beauty.

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