Oxigen Q10

Biological Ampoules

Ref: OXIQ0008
Size: 5 ml

Oxygenating and Whitening Treatment. Biological extract that contains an exclusive Oxygenating, Whitening and Coenzyme Q10 complex which nourishes to give good cell function.

Oxygenating and Whitening Treatment

Oxygenating and Whitening Treatment


A biological extract which contains an exclusive Oxygenating, Whitening and Coenzyme Q10 complex that nourishes the cells to help them function well, providing the energy necessary for each cell to live and stave off ageing.

Q10 is an indispensable natural component for the life of the skin. From the age of 25 the production of cells diminishes and the cellular activity of the skin slows, giving way to big and small wrinkles.

An extra contribution of Coenzyme Q10 improves cellular respiration and energy production resulting in a radiant, healthy rejuvenated, oxygenated skin. It also contains Vitamin C amongst its principle active ingredients which helps to whiten blemishes on the skin, conserves elasticity, slows down the ageing of the skin and is a potent anti-oxidant.

Its content in vitamin E acts as an inhibitor of the free radicals.


This biological concentrate can be used in oxygenating and whitening treatments.

After cleansing and toning the skin, apply OXIGEN Q10. It penetrates quickly when massaged.
Once Absorbed, apply the cream Essential Oxygen to conclude the massage. Later apply gauze and then apply high frequency.

Suitable for all skin types. In the beauty centre it can be ionized by negative pole.

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