Hand Repair

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Ref: HAN00210
Size: 210 ml

Intensive moisturizing hand and nail treatment. A dense cream that protects and moisturizes the driest and most chapped hands. Strengthens brittle nails.

Intensive moisturizing hand and nail treatment

Intensive moisturizing hand and nail treatment


Due to its exclusive formula rich in lipids and glycerine it possesses an intense and deep moisturizing and emollient action instantly. Cosmetically tested, it acts for more than 17 hours. It forms an effective protective barrier against external agents.

Immediate, long lasting relief for the driest hands. Only a small amount is needed to relieve, protect and moisturize hands that are dry and cracked and strengthen brittle nails. Even in the toughest of cases it leaves the hands much smoother and softer.

This product is recommended as a therapy for local dermatitis and xeroderma. Use in small quantities due to its concentrated formula. Non-perfumed.


Spread on this cream with a soft massage as often as you like.

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