Gold Nutriv

Make-Up Removers and Tonics

Ref: TONGO400
Size: 400 ml

Lito cosmetic with gemstones: Lito-Vital Complex 3 Golds: mineral, plant and biological. Hyaluronic acid content produces an immediate lifting and hydrating effect. Nourishes, protects and stimulates collagen production.

Lito Cosmetic

Lito cosmetic with gemstones - Lito-Vital Complex 3 Golds


This unique lotion flecked with gold goes far beyond what you expect. It perfects the skin surface, smoothes, softens and refreshes. Luxuriously silky, it leaves the skin with a delicate and invisible veil of moisture.

The potency of gold has a lifting effect and its composition includes clarifying agents and nutrients for healthy skin. With this incredible regenerative tonic, the skin cells are regenerated and rejuvenated living a glowing and healthy skin.


Apply directly onto the skin with the spray or with cotton, after washing or when you need refreshing.

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