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Ref: THE00008
Size: 8 unids. x 5 ml

Scientific Treatment for Flaccidity. Its combination of therapeutic extracts favours the regeneration of the skin and combats flaccidity.

Flaccidity treatment

Scientific Treatment for Flaccidity


The active ingredient of this product is the vegetable substitute of the animal placenta that was formerly used in certain cosmetics.

This product is totally of vegetable origin and is obtained by extracting certain Soya bean proteins that have the same traits and properties, as animal placenta, for which it is called Vegetable Placenta.

Vegetable placenta has a high content of nutrients: Oligoelements and vitamins (Filatov Hypothesis). This is why it is used by the tissues as a fountain of nutrition, that is to say it is a highly effective cell regeneration treatment and anti-ageing.

Soya beans also contain active or metabolic biological proteins, such as enzymes that will activate cellular metabolism producing greater skin tissue regeneration.

The oligopeptides derived from soya beans will produce:

In short, skin tissue is rejuvenated at a cellular level. The skin regains its elasticity and radiance.


Apply this biological ampoule on the face or on the areas of the body that need to be reaffirmed. This product is ideal for all skin types as it is oil-free.

If you want to intensify the action of the biological product apply an electric current of weak intensity (ionization by negative pole) for seven minutes approximately.

Finish the treatment with Caviar mask.

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