Perfect White

Whitening Anti-Blemishes

Ref: PER00030
Size: 30 ml

Strong Depigmenting Oil-Gel Extract. A highly nutritious, whitening oil-gel that softens skin and evens out the facial tone of skin that shows signs of altered pigmentation. 100% natural.

Depigmenting Oil Gel

Strong Depigmenting Oil Gel Extract


Highly nutritious de-pigmenting oil-gel that softens skin and provides uniform facial tone in skin with altered pigmentation.

Protects the skin with antioxidant properties. It inhibits the synthesis of melanin, reducing pigmentation to give a facial tone that is clearer and more durable. Reduces the degenerative processes of the connective tissue and skin inflammation due to external calorific agents. Regenerates and maintains of the skin’s natural barrier.


Apply to clean skin. Product is suitable for application by professional massage or at home for its pleasant texture and good penetration. Due to its moisturising and regenerative characteristics, it can be used as a maintenance product in the daily care of the skin.

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