Freddo Gel

Body Treatments

Ref: FRE00210
Size: 210 ml

Cryogenic Body Gel. This cryogenic body gel with high cryo-therapeutical power is an excellent muscle relaxant for tired feet and legs.

Cryogenic Body Gel

Cryogenic Body Gel


Jelly emulsion with high cryo-therapeutic properties. It was formulated as an ideal complement  for the reducer, anti-cellulite or reaffirming treatments, helping to lose the volume and reaffirming dermal tissue at the same time.

Freddo Gel is an excellent  muscle relaxant for tired legs, stimulating the microcirculation and avoiding the formation of small capillaries.


Beauty Centre treatment: Reaffirming-Reducer treatment, “Shock Action”.

Treatment at home: Apply Freddo Gel daily, with the hands directly onto the legs, making a slight, ascending massage (2 o 3 minutes).

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