Tensine H2O

Protectors and Moisturizers

Ref: TEN00210
Size: 210 ml. Professional Use Only.

Cryo-Tightening, Moisturizing Cream S.P.F. 8. Revitalizing cream with immediate lifting effect. Instantly lights up and hydrates all types of skin.

Cryo-Tightening, Moisturizing Cream

Cryo-Tightening, Moisturizing Cream


This is a revitalizing cream with an immediate lifting effect. It brightens the skin, reduces wrinkles and prevents sagging. A cream that smoothes, calms and protects, lessening the signs of tiredness, and balancing out the skin tone.


Clean the skin with a Milk and Tonic that are appropriate for the skin type. Apply TENSINE H2O with soft massage on face, neck and neckline, until it is totally absorbed. Ideal as a make-up base. Do not apply to the eye area.

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