Super Slending

Body Treatments

Ref: SUP01210
Size: 210 ml

Super Slimming Cream. It is specially formulated to prevent cellulite and obesity in difficult cases.

Super Slimming Cream

Super Slimming Cream


Dissolves and eliminates cellulite and localized fats in tough cases. It is a specially formulated cream made to combat cellulite and obesity, with a strong concentration of principal active reducing ingredients that have a long term effect. It is especially suitable for SHOCK treatments on tough areas. In the beauty centre it can be ionized by negative pole.


Apply to the area you wish to treat, with gentle circular movements, so that the product can be absorbed evenly over the treatment area. Apply more on the most necessary areas, speeding up their breakdown.

We recommend using this product daily after a shower or before exercise. Super Slending penetrates well and does not stick to clothes. Its action maintains and reinforces the effects obtained in the beauty centre.

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