Velo de Juventud

Dermal Patches

Ref: VEL00008
Size: 8 units.

Veil of Youth. Collagen biomatrix that moisturizes, regenerates, refreshes, calms and exerts an anti-stress action.

Collagen biomatrix

Veil of Youth - Collagen biomatrix


Micro sponges with resistance to traction. Collagen Biomatrix which hydrates, regenerates, refreshes, calms and possesses anti-stress properties. The micro porous sponge slides easily The fibre structure expands during contact with liquid without breaking up. It has a pH of 3.5 with white colour and without smell.

The ingredients are released from the matrix by diffusion. The release of active ingredients is sped up with the help of an exterior gauze wrap. Once wet it becomes difficult to mould and correct.

Non-irritant due to its biomimetic effect. Moisturizing and anti wrinkle effects. Controlled Carrier and Vector. Does not have any microbiological activity in dry conditions. Unlimited storage in dry place with ambient temperature. Facilitates the penetration of active ingredients.

This prolongs the stability and longevity of the product. It is biodegradable. This product does not cause incompatibility, sensitiveness or rejection.

Typical finishing products:

Facial masks, skin treatments for sensitive skin, after sun, after hair removal, post acne, post operation, Suitable for dehydrated, mature, stressed and sensitive skins.


Remove the veil from the sterile packing. The veil already has slits for eyes, nose, and neck to adapt perfectly to the face.

First clean the skin with a cleanser, toner and peeling suitable for the skin type. Place the veil on the face and add biological extract diluted with Tonic.

Leave to act for 20-30 mins. Take off and apply cream or mask suitable for the skin type or treatment.

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