Velo Mask

Dermal Patches

Ref: VEL01008
Size: 8 unids.

Green Tea Biomatix concentrate, Collagen, Elastin, Glycolic Acid, Lactic Acid and Citric Acid specifically designed to dissolve the cells of the stratum corneum and re-densify the skin. The skin rejuvenates and illuminates.

Collagen biomatrix

Collagen biomatrix with Alpha Hydroxy Acids and Green Tea


Freeze-dried, fine pore soft collagen bio matrix produced from pure, natural and insoluble fibres, free from foreign substances.

Its formula includes:

Advantages of the product: Moisturizing characteristics with a high humidity retention capacity. Contains active ingredients and the carrier. Anti-irritation, reduces and softens the irritation. Natural, compatible with the skin. It does not contain any preservatives, chemical agents or perfume that could cause irritation.

Veil with AHA and Green Tea extract especially suitable for skin that needs regeneration. The smoothing effect on the skin is considerably visible even after the first treatment.


Remove the seal from the sterile packing. The veil already has slits for eyes, nose, and neck to adapt to the face.

First cleanse the skin with a cleanser, toner and peeling suitable for the skin. Place the veil on the face and add biological extract diluted with 1 lid full of the Tonic Protection.

Leave to act for 20-30 mins. Take off and apply cream or mask suitable to the skin type or treatment.

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