Matrigel Facial

Dermal Patches

Ref: MATC2006
Size: 6 units.

A Biomatrix Facial Gel of Seaweed with Caviar Extract. It firms, revitalizes and stimulates cellular regeneration and increases the elasticity of the skin.

Biomatrix Facial Gel

A Biomatrix Facial Gel of Seaweed with Caviar Extract


Shock Anti-ageing skin treatment. The new variation of Matrigel Caviar from Alissi Bronte’s range combine in a unique way hydration and concentration of algae with the specific properties of caviar extract. Along with the proteins and Amino Acids, caviar contains essential minerals and vitamins A and D.

Matrigel Caviar helps in the regeneration and rejuvenation of the skin tissue and as a consequence, it is ideal product in anti-ageing treatments. The use of Matrigel caviar in treatments is very varied.

It can be used as a conventional facial massage. A particularly effective special technique is a finger tip massage. (Finger-Tip-Energizing massage = FTE massage). It offers better experience for the client and combines the anti-ageing effect, relaxation and well being. As a result, this treatment is ideal for integrating into other anti-stress treatments.

The treatments where Matrigel Caviar is used mostly: the moisturizing the skin tissue, renewal of cellular metabolism, stimulation of microcirculation. As a result the tone of the skin is improved as is the vascular situation.


Matrigel Caviar can be applied as a complete facial treatment or as a local treatment on specific problem areas such as:

Apart from treating ageing and stress, Matrigel Caviar is also ideal for integrating as a cosmetic treatment with complete SPA hydration. Its lifting effect noticeably lasts after treatment.

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