Solar Line

Ref: FIT15100
Size: 100 ml

Antiwrinkle, Moisturizing Facial Filter SPF 15. Anti-Wrinkle moisturizer. Revitalizes the skin with an exclusive continuous moisturizing system.

Anti-Wrinkle moisturizer

Antiwrinkle Moisturizing Facial Filter SPF 15 - Anti-Wrinkle moisturizer


Revitalizes skin with an exclusive, continuous moisturizing system. Created to combat the formation of wrinkles, free radicals and blemishes provoked by sun exposure.

Recommended for all skin types.

Result: A pleasant product to give maximum security protection to the skin. It is formulated to minimize allergy risks. Does not contain perfume. Non comedogenic.


Apply uniformly on face, especially on the eyes and lips area. It is advisable to repeat the application after bathing.

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