Biological Ampoules

Ref: DEL00008
Size: 8 unids. x 5 ml

DNA Shield, Caviar and Collagen. High anti-wrinkle power. It stimulates the production of collagen. It possesses firming and film forming properties.

DNA Shield, Caviar and Collagen

DNA Shield, Caviar and Collagen - High anti-wrinkle power


This biological extract contains among its active ingredients:

Marine DNA (Sodium Dna): of which we are sure has the following properties:

Caviar (Caviar Extract): is an ingredient rich in energy. It contains proteins, fats, sugars, vitamins and mineral salts.

Wheat Protein (Triticum Vulgare): has tensile and filmogenic properties. It brings back luminosity to the skin and it is also an excellent component to combat the flaccidity of the skin.

Collagen (Soluble collagen): is an efficient moisturizing agent from which we obtain a high firming effect contributing to the cells’ elastic properties, with flexibility identical to natural, young proteins.

Glucoprotein (Glycosaminoglycans): restores elastic properties as well as recovery capacity back into the skin. It diminishes the cutaneous ruggedness, the hydration of the skin increases and it restores the elastic characteristics of the dermal tissue.


Concentrated exclusive lifting for the treatment of cutaneous ageing. Suitable for all skin types. Apply on clean skin and massage.

In the beauty centre, if so desired, it can be ionized by negative pole.

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