Bio Agnes Complexe

Biological Ampoules

Size: 8 unids. x 5 ml

Acne Seborrhoea Concentrate. This biologic is specially formulated for all seborrhoea skin with acne tendencies.

Acne Seborrhoea Concentrate

Acne Seborrhoea Concentrate


A product specially formulated for all seborrhoeic skin prone to acne. Its active ingredients have purifying and desensitizing properties that normalize sebum production. It is very beneficial in the cases described above. It can be ionized by the negative pole.


In the salon:

The application process should last the necessary length of time until the problem disappears.

Desincrustation: This is a method of cleaning very deeply. It has an antiseptic action, it is exclusively for skin that is greasy and / or is prone to acne and it uses a galvanising current. For this, the ionization technique uses: as a passive electrode, the electrode-bar wrapped in cotton or tissue soaked in a conductive solution (it can be only water). As an active electrode, the metallic electrode is used, also wrapped in cotton or gauze, but in this case, soaked in the vial of Bio-Agnes; and it is connected to the negative pole. Due to the small surface of electrodes, it can only be worked with an intensity that does not pass 2 milliamps and the duration of the session will be 3 or 4 minutes.

Attention: If you use tap water as the liquid for the negative electrode and this contains a high concentration of chlorine, there could be itching and irritation after the session, because chlorine can irritate the skin.

Contraindications: Don’t use in areas of wounded or irritated skin. Don’t use over varicose veins, as these are excellent conductors. Don’t use in areas where there are metallic prostheses implanted. Do not use in the abdominal area if the client uses the coil as a contraceptive method.

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