For several years I have been using the cream for strengthening eyelashes, REPAIR CREAM. However in the beauty centre that I go to, I have been told that the format has changed and now it comes combined with black mascara. They say that I cannot buy the strengthener individually. Can you please tell me if there is a centre in Madrid where I can find the old style? On the other hand, I have visited your web page and see that you can buy online, but I cannot find this product. Is there another way to buy it online? That would be easier for me.

With respect to our online shop, it is designed to give the best service to those places of the world where there is no adequate network for our products and it is only available for our distributors and for professionals within the sector. If you wish to buy any of our products, you must go to a specialist Beauty Centre.

With respect to our product REPAIR CREAM, effectively it now only comes in the new format together with VOLUME LASH eyelash mascara.

Both products, in combination, form the perfect treatment for your eyelashes to be pretty, strong and large.

Our area distributor can let you know about other beauty centres that have Alissi Brontë products near to where you live.

If you don’t usually use black mascara, we recommend that you try our FIJADOR DE CEJAS TRANSPARENT MASCARA, which contains principal active repairing ingredients that help to keep the eyelashes strong and healthy, and it is transparent. We also recommend that you remove make-up and clean daily with Caviar Demaq Gel which is a gentle, hypoallergenic make-up remover specially formulated for the very delicate eye and lip areas.

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